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Chris Auret – You Have My Word Solo Exhibition in Cape Town

Chris Auret - You Have My Word Solo Exhibition in Cape Town Is on right now and I went there last night in an attempt to at least catch one of the First Thursday events and it was lovely and I managed to take this crummy photo of a small window into his charming work space right there at the gallery *breathes*

Go see it.

It’s got words and colours and sounds and we even got some free wine last night. It’s trippy too and, not to sound too cliche, it puts you in a good space.

See the art at Muti Gallery: 3 Vredehoek Avenue, Oranjezicht. Read more about the exhibition here.

The big adventure

It has almost been a month since I first arrived here. Virginia, USA.

It had been a plan in the making for such a long stretch of time that it had almost become unfathomable that I might actually make it.

I’m here. I’m safe. I’m seeing things that make me excited and happy.

So the adventure begins. Week one in America:

Bowl America, Virginia.


The house in Fairfax, Virginia.


On our way to the Martin Luther King Jr. 50th Memorial march.


A policeman's horse in Washington DC.


Soldiers on the streets in Washington DC.


Hotel lobby in Washington DC.


The Old Post Office in Washington DC.


FBI Headquarters, Washington DC.


FBI Headquarters, Washington DC.


View of Washington DC from the Old Post Office.


Federal Triangle Metro Station.


First barbecue in America.


The kids on the golf cart at the country club.

Keep left – a photo trail of the places I’ve been

The other day I had to leave a shoot early and as I walked away from the building, I looked back:

Keep Left - Cape Town adventures

I quite liked what I saw.

Giraffe House – the stalking sheep

Just before my mom decided to fly off to Paris (this is a true story), we decided to celebrate her birthday by taking her to see one of her favourite animals: the giraffe.

Just an hour or so out of Cape Town, on the way to Stellenbosch, is Giraffe House.

They have everything there (almost):

  • Birds.
  • Reptiles.
  • Farm/domesticated animals.
  • Ostrich.
  • Buck.
  • Monkeys.
  • A giraffe.

We spent a few hours hanging out, feeding the animals the complimentary kibbles visitors get, checking out the daily reptile show and even getting licked by the resident giraffe.

It was this sheep, however, that won our Best Series of Photos award:

Sheep in the background at Giraffe House Sheeps takes interest at Giraffe House Sheep takes over at Giraffe House