Fashion weeks around the world

Fashion has almost become unbearable and overwhelming with its lovers and supporters, devotees having access, via the internet, to thousands upon thousands of images, gifs, video clips, conversations of their drug.

I find the accessibility of imagery and information of designers, fashion moguls, bloggers, fashion makers and all others to be somewhat paralysing at times – I don’t always know where to look, what to watch, who to like and what garments to use in shoots. But I also find that the constant stimulation keeps me hooked, keeps me scrolling, keeping me imagining, and that’s what I really love about being a part of this colourful, delightful and crazy industry.

It’s quite a task, keeping up, but I think this short film by Tabitha Denholm gives a small indication of how all that rat racing is worth it – her short, The Rise of Global Fashion Weeks, shows quite eloquently how Fashion Weeks have grown and spread and become their own and opened doors for designers all over the world. It reminded me of all the garments I have not seen, have not thought about and may never see and that excited me. I love that so many people are creating fashion. It’s inspiring. And it’s only adding to the playground of styling for me.

I’m also super proud that local designers Lalesso and Laurence Airline‘s appearances at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town  both feature in this short video shared by i-D.

Take a look and see if you can spot them –

Happy Monday!

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