Thanksgiving was nice

Whenever I drive around Virginia, or visit new places, I always see interesting things.

It was Thanksgiving week and the Christmas decorations had already begun to infiltrate the shop shelves. I happened upon a makeshift Christmas decoration warehouse and wish I had bought a few things there but I had the intention of going back. I did not.

I spent Thanksgiving amongst a happy, energetic family that isn’t my own and while it was wonderful it was also a little hard. But I got to help out in the kitchen, stick my hand into a turkey and sit down to a traditional feast.

I started painting again. I bought the wrong paper so my very special painting for wolf got a tiny bit crumpled. He doesn’t mind though.

I set up a very small but pretty Christmas tree in my room.

A 7/11 from the car.

Blow up penguin.


Underground parking at night.

Preparing the turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Ready to go into the oven - Thanksgiving Day.

Painting with watercolours - a skull.

Painting with watercolours - a test sheet.

Christmas tree decorations.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving was nice

  1. Jade, I spent my lunch hour at work going thru all your postings. So awesome, please don’t stop, it allows me to be a small part of your interesting journey.
    Love you and miss you.

    • Sue! Thank you so much for the comment, makes me happy to know that some people are actually reading/watching my blog. Love and miss you too, but will see you in a few months x x

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