A week of all sorts

I decided to start a 30-day photo-a-day challenge. It got me out the house and ‘I found myself pointing a black device at all sorts of things. I still have not completed it and have skipped quite a number of days. I’ll get back to it, hopefully.

The two smallest ones had basketball tryouts and I tagged along. I like basketball.

I met a DC-based photographer and spent a day at his home-studio while he shot a girl. I learnt lots in a short space of time.

American truck, Northern Virginia.

Attempt at self-portrait 1.

Attempt at self-portrait 2.

Frosted leaf, Northern Virginia.

American school bus, Northern Virginia.

Hanging out at school on a weekend.

Reserved parking bay.

Basketball practice.

Strangers on the train - fast asleep.

A collection of leaves.

No dogs allowed.

Halloween decorations still up.

My view on set.

2 responses to “A week of all sorts

  1. Your photography is looking good girl. ESP love the grid and leaves, all the textures. You have a good eye and flair for composition…most of all enjoy and never be shy to experiment. Xx love Alison

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