The city sees me

It rained and that closed me off from the crazy world around which I liked. As quickly as it started, the water stopped and I saw a blue sky and drove far and had the music up loud.

Mara and I finally returned to Georgetown to try the cupcakes and they were good and we felt good and we walked to the next metro station.

Down the street is a house and in it lives a dog and she’s shy and tender and affectionate. Her name is Frankie and sometimes I take the kids to say hello to her. Sometimes I say hello on my own.

When I found the Calvin & Hobbes comic for $5 a piece of me beamed. I paid for it and started reading it right there in the little bookstore just a few blocks from Farragut West metro station. I laughed out loud as other customers pushed passed me.

I went to H Street Festival alone and walked alone and drank alone and left alone. It was beautiful.

Rainy Burger King. Driving by Fairfax. Walking through Washington DC. Walking through Washington DC. Bicycle share. Frankie from down the street. Calvin and Hobbes - the days are just packed. Virginia skyline. The wood at night. Walking through Washington DC. Walking through Washington DC. The hustle at H Street Festival.

6 responses to “The city sees me

  1. The photos of the bicycle wheels and the trees! Amazing! All photos amazing but those are most amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I feel like you are changing your style and maturing, your photos are, as Greg would say, “top” … it’s wonderful to read about your experiences Jade, and Frankie, sounds just like “Bella” who we used to say hello to in FH ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. looks that deco theatre.. enjoy your pics..! Keep shooting and entertaining us. And take care. IC in FH. Monty and Cli..

    • Coming from you I take that as a major compliment. Thank you! I’m learning, slowly. Found an old film camera at one of the thrift stores for $3.00. In its original box with the original user-manual and warranty. So lovely. Please give Monty & Cli a big cuddle from me!

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