The big adventure

It has almost been a month since I first arrived here. Virginia, USA.

It had been a plan in the making for such a long stretch of time that it had almost become unfathomable that I might actually make it.

I’m here. I’m safe. I’m seeing things that make me excited and happy.

So the adventure begins. Week one in America:

Bowl America, Virginia.


The house in Fairfax, Virginia.


On our way to the Martin Luther King Jr. 50th Memorial march.


A policeman's horse in Washington DC.


Soldiers on the streets in Washington DC.


Hotel lobby in Washington DC.


The Old Post Office in Washington DC.


FBI Headquarters, Washington DC.


FBI Headquarters, Washington DC.


View of Washington DC from the Old Post Office.


Federal Triangle Metro Station.


First barbecue in America.


The kids on the golf cart at the country club.

7 responses to “The big adventure

  1. Great pics Jade.Enjoy the adventure and return safe x x x

  2. It makes me feel so better to know that you are happy and enjoying yourself Jade, I look forward to hearing about all that you see and experience. It’s quite mind blowing hey? What is that in the last photo? Love mom

  3. Oops, I was meant to comment from my own account! But of course It’s Mine Now loves you too!

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