Shooting for AFF

I finally got my team together to shoot the 70s-inspired story I had been planning to shoot for A Fashion Friend this week. It’s been a while in the making.

Here’s a behind the scenes snap shot of Nicci Allen (MUA/H) helping out with the light reflector. Nicole (Boss Models) looks super That 70s Show, much to my happiness:

Behind the scenes: shooting a 70s-inspired story for AFF

I gotta say: this shoot was definitely a big lesson for me – I put in so much effort and planning and then on the day (in the beginning at least) things didn’t really seem to go our way venue and lighting wise.

True to form: I panicked. Then, I took control of myself and the situation and we continued.

In the end we got some stunning shots. Cannot wait for the pics to be ready to post! I got to see all the shots last night and they make me very very excited.

Let’s just hope that AFF bites!

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