100 in 1 day

When It’s Mine Now held a small stall at the last The Vintage Experience market at Truth Coffee I was made aware of the 100 in 1 day idea (briefly) and was fascinated by the concept.

True to me however, it completely slipped my mind the second a few paying customers held their “dollar bills” in front of my face because I am, in truth, only interested in money (not true).

Last weekend though 100 in 1 day happened and I was super lucky to have been able to get involved, even in the smallest few ways.

If you’re unsure about what 100 in 1 day is all about you can read more about it here.

Us being the lazy foxx and wolf we are, we ambled on down to Truth headquarters for a Saturday morning nibble and were met with a hubbub of activity. I was instantly distracted from our other plans and so we got involved.

Made a eco-pledge for a free tree - 100 in 1 day Cape Town Donated the tree I got to Ernest - 100 in 1 day Cape Town English - Xhosa stickers at it's a house - 100 in 1 day Cape Town Short and Sweet makeshift drive-in - 100 in 1 day Cape Town

Here are a few things that we got to do:

  • Made a pledge to save water and got a free tree.
  • Went in search of a “waterfall” in our city.
  • Gave a homeless gentleman a tree for his Peace Garden.
  • Bought some biscuits and a few bananas to put onto a “free for who-ever needs it” shelf.
  • Watched some inspiring TED Talks at it’s a house on being inspired, getting things done and being compassionate.
  • Sharing a complete stranger’s blanket as we watched some amazing short films at a makeshift drive-in.

Things I learnt last Saturday:

  • I love being a part of something much bigger than myself.
  • People are beautiful and kind and fun.
  • There is a homeless man living in Sea Point that has cultivated a beautiful garden and his name is Ernest.
  • How much I love short films/videos.
  • Balloons are a symbol of happiness.
  • I’m a massive kid inside.
  • Cape Town is an incredible city.

Did you get involved in the 100 in 1 day experience?

Tell me sweet things

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