I don’t like tattoos (I am lying)

This is mostly because I’m afraid  to commit when it comes to making life decisions. A tattoo is a life decision.

I’m always fascinated though, by beautiful ink on skin. Here are some of my favourites:

Wolf Tattoo Triangle Tattoo Time Tattoo Snake Tattoo Sleeve Tattoo Skull Tattoo Octopus Tattoo Moth Tattoo Letter Tattoo Geisha Tattoo Fox Tattoo 4 Fox Tattoo 3 Fox Tattoo 2 Fox Tattoo 1 Flower Tattoo 2 Flower Tattoo 1

Disney Tattoo

Disney Tattoo

Deer Tattoo

Deer Tattoo

Circle Tattoo 2 Circle Tattoo 1 Cephalopod Tattoo Cat Tattoo Bird Tattoo Bee Tattoo Bear tattoo

I probably won’t be getting one any time soon but I’m way less against them than I used to be. Oh deary dear.

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