Enjoying Cape Town the way it should be enjoyed

Noordhoek Beach

My mom joined couchsurfers.com a while ago and what this means is that when I come home from being away for a few days I find some new faces sitting in my living room, making dinner and generally being foreign in my home.

It also means that I could fall asleep on the couch having just chatted to a guy from Istonia and wake up to the arrival of a Swede and a German to our humble abode.

It gets interesting.

Currently we have a lovely Swede called Tore staying with us as well as a couple from Czech Republic (Janna and Joseph). Yesterday they invited me, along with the German friend, Andreas, to go spend a few hours on Noordhoek beach.

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I haven’t been there in months and it made me realise that I need to start appreciating my city a little bit more.

It was freezing but the crazy Swede and the crazy German went for a swim. It was crazy windy but we found a nook safe from the gusts and sat together drinking wine and beers and chatting and not knowing what to say at times. We watched the sun set over the Atlantic ocean and then headed home.


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