The weekend that was

boat on choppy seas

This weekend I…

+ Ate a Blueberry swirl ice cream from the Ice Café in Kalk Bay.
+ Was a model.
+ Went to a 21st and had a (mini) fight with a barman.
+ Got a free shot.
+ Visited De Waal Park for the first time ever. Everyone needs to do this.
+ Was the designated driver.
+ Walked around aimlessly (kinda).
+ Danced.
+ Discovered a new local band that I quite enjoy.
+ Lay by the pool listening to music reading a magazine (I don’t remember the last time I did this).
+ Watched the boys play cricket.
+ Had a meeting about music videos.

How was your weekend?

Also, today the seas on the south line were ferocious. Pic from bourbonandpearls.tumblr.

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