Relax in slacks, mother of two

angry wolf snarling

This really makes me angry. I was waiting to cross the road at the corner of Roeland Street and Buitenkant (stalkers, unite) on my way to work this morning when a woman, with her two young children in the back of the car, became unnecessarily irate when the gentleman in front of her failed to pull off the very second the traffic light turned green. She literally had to wait like 5 seconds. 10 max.

I watched, perturbed, as her face grew red and wrinkled right in front of my eyes. She hooted as ferociously as a person can hoot (and believe me, people can hoot ferocious things at each other) and started shouting things at this man. I could hear her shouting through her window.


What. The. Eff.

When she did get her chance to drive off into the sunset the crazy lady span (is that even a word? Well, now it is) her wheels, careening into the rest of the chaos that is the city-centre morning hubbub.

All I wanna know is this: was it really worth all that heightening of the blood pressure?

Ps. This wolf from is way wayyyy better looking than unchilled-mother-of-two. La end.

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