What you need to be a flamenco dancer

best dancing photo

So after attending the Pena Flamenca performance at The Masque Theatre in Muizenberg last night I’ve come to the conclusion that only a very select few can take up the art/sport/past-time/seriously hectic dance moves.

If you want to become a flamenco dancer, you have to have:

  • Very, incredibly thick and strong thighs so that you can bring your foot down to the earth like no other,
  • Long hair that you can thrash around in passionate fury. Or furious passion,
  • Emotive brows. These are a must. You must be able to tell your dance partner/opponent an entire life’s story in just one expression,
  • An inexplicable love for swishy clothing that will inevitably get in the way of your foot-stomping and arm writhing,
  • Flexible wrists.
  • A loud voice with which to goad or encourage your opponent/partner.
  • Timing. Impeccable, impeccable timing.
  • A crap-load of energy.

That is all.

But also. I was going to put in a picture of some kind of flamenco dancing king and queen but then I decided that I liked the one of the two goofs dancing in their living room more. It’s from Pinterest.

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