A little bit of mid-week pampering

Mint, Coral and Silver nail polish

Last night was the first of two weeks of “home alone” for me. My mom left for Istanbul, France, Spain…heck I don’t know where else, and I get to chill out at home with my hamster Japarti, my cat Rush and lil ol’ me.

Yes, I still live with my mom – times are tough yo!

So, I came home to an empty, quiet house and decided to take advantage. I had a ready-made meal from Woolies (Chicken Florentine is a win people), poured myself a glass of red wine and ran a bath. It was great. Last month I won a Glossy Box through Tails Of A Mermaid and decided to put some of my samples to good use.

I gave my hair a L’Occitane Shine Mask and used the Dr Brandt Detoxygen Experience face mask. After I climbed out the bath I sat down to watch a DVD and paint my nails.

It was such a silly night but it meant so much for my soul. Just a reminder to all the girls out there – take some time. Spent it on yourself. Whether you go for a walk on the beach, buy yourself your favourite treat or spend a few hours semi-pampering your body. It makes a huge difference!

By the way – the face mask and the hair treatment were both wow! I’d definitely try them both again.

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