The weekend that was

i want to get away

This weekend I…

+ Cried at my cousin’s 21st.
+ Slipped on a fallen bead curtain and almost cracked my hip.
+ Had a stall at my very first market with It’s Mine Now.
+ Broke a ring.
+ Was let down.
+ Re-realised how incredible and  fantastic my family is.
+ Watched a super scary movie.
+ Slept very very little in 24 hours.
+ Enjoyed my second ever Passover dinner. It was chaotic.
+ Had an allergic reaction to dessert. I’m still not sure which one.
+ Bought a fox to hang around my neck.
+ Discovered an abandoned lion den.

How was your weekend?

Also, I really want to get on a plane or a train and go places. I don’t know which places but I so badly want to leave a lot behind me for a while.

Image from here.

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