When’s a good time to call back?


The other day The Drummer and I were arbing around the V&A (as you do) and decided to stop at Subway for lunch.

Let me just tell you this: Subway is one of our collective favourite places to go. Always fresh, healthier than most fast-foody places and hmm, that parmesan bread!

Needless to say we received some of the worst service either of us has ever experienced. The woman pretty much ignored us, kept up a loud conversation with her two other colleagues as we stodd there dumbfounded, threw both our sandwiches together with very little care, looked at us with disdain and took ages.

Uncharacteristically I kept my cool but The Drummer did eventually tell the lovely lady on the other side of the counter that she should pay us more attention (she got both our orders wrong, twice). She then mumbled a 100% sincere (coughs) apology before basically chucking his sandwich in his general direction.

We were in shock BUT we sat down with our respective sarmies and enjoyed them thoroughly. Subway is THAT good.

Anyways when we got home I typed out a complaint email and sent it off expecting at the very least an apology.



So Subway … what the hell?

Image from here.

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