We went to Butterfly World

I very seldom actually do stuff on a public holiday but this past Wednesday The Drummer and I decided to finally go visit the flutterbys at Butterfly World.

It was about time; we’d been threatening to go pretty much since we started dating (around 5 years ago). Ahem.

I’ve never been so much like a kid in a candy store. It’s amazing there. The enclosures are beautifully kept with Butterflies, Marmoset Monkeys, Iguanas, Birds, Guinea Pigs and more just being chilled and free. You’re allowed to walk amongst them and at any given time can spot some kind of creature snoozing in the trees or traipsing across the paths.

There are also some magnificent snakes, spiders & scorpions (all safely tucked away in glass containers of course).

I was most fascinated by the fruit bat and snakes. The butterflies are beautiful of course but my attention span plus dozens of scurrying insects that can fly is a bit of a overwhelming combination.

My advice: go visit Butterfly World. It’s a tiny bit of magic in one facility.

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