One times Pinterest success

vegetarian cones ready for the oven

If you have a Pinterest account and are a girl you more than likely have one or two (or more) boards with recipes, art ‘n crafty things or wardrobe related tutorials that you plan on doing.

If you’re anything like me you haven’t done any of them.

Yes, that is the nature of Pinterest; you dream about doing all the fun/cool things on your boards, but you never do.

I did one! The lovely Scheeps came over for dinner and I got to choose a recipe to make for dinner so I logged onto my “Tease my tongue” Pinterest board and decided to make Taco Cupcakes!

We changed the recipe a little bit seeing as my housemate Se is a vegetarian (we made an onion, green pepper & mushroom “mince”). We also used pita wraps instead of wonton wrappers so actually our “Taco Cupcakes” ended up more as yummy vegetarian cones but I will not allow you to take this victory away from me.

Vegetarian cones / Taco cupcakes

I did a Pinterest recipe.


Thanks Scheeps for the pics.

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