Visiting Hours

visiting hours

Last night we went to see my Grandfather in the hospital.

True to my family’s collective nature it was a fun visit with jokes being cracked all round and much chatter about who’s where and doing what.

Despite there being blood in his urine, having a pained kidney and water retention so bad he needed to be hospitalised he was in good humour and the hour we spent beside his bed went quickly and gleefully.

On the other side of the room however was an entirely different picture. A man downed by a stroke lay on his back. Completely vulnerable. Completely closed off from the outside world. Completely unconscious with little sign of waking up. Beside him sat his daughter, silently holding onto his hand. Alone in a room of people.

It was an eye-opener for me. It’s been two weeks since this gentlman’s eyes have seen the light. I cannot even imagine the ache in the woman’s heart as she suffered in silence while listening to my family’s light interractions.

The world is a tough place and life can be hard.

She and him are both in my thoughts.

Image from here.

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