Replacing what was taken

note to a thief

Pic found here.

On Saturday afternoon a friend of mine and I were exploring town looking for interesting places to shoot for a new project we’ll be launching early next year.

While we were clicking away some quick-fingered asshole opportunist snatched up my bag and took with him/her a large portion of my life.

Things that I lost:

Bag – a floral vintage sling purse that belonged to my mom’s twin sister when she was much younger (irreplaceable).

Phone – thankfully my phone was being fixed so it was an old phone of The Drummer’s that I was using, but still (replaceable, at a cost).

Wallet – a great vintage purse I’d picked up at some thrift store some time ago, inside it: just over R500 (don’t ask why I had so much money on me, it’s a long story), bank cards, driver’s license, movie card, clicks card etc (replaceable at a cost and much hassle).

Necklaces – two of my favourites. Sniffle.

Notebook – a small hardcover book that I’d taken to noting down ideas in (irreplaceable).

Mints – not a train smash.

Parker pen – my favourite pen to write with.

So today I spent a good portion of my time running around trying to get all that shit back in my life. This is what it cost me:

Bank card – R93 and a few minutes with a  not-super-friendly teller.

Driver’s license and temporary license – R185 and ages spent in the queue as well as an eye test (my eyesight’s pretty good, in case you were wondering).

Phone – R150 (to have it fixed)

Sim swap – R20.

Total: R448 plus R500 plus that was actually in the purse and a whole lot of waiting around.

My advice: don’t let your bag get stolen people!


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