Shells Almost Poetry – almost slam poetry

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Someone lovely on Twitter wrote a poem about me:


I haven’t yet met her, but she seems quite legit

And from all her pictures, she looks pretty fit.

A bit of a hippie, with a heart made of gold.

And she models sometimes, or so i am told.

*I think Jade is Greek for legs of length or something*

She does lots of writing. Well typing, I guess. (apparently writing’s done with a pen)

She’s honest about feelings and how to de-stress.

Her tweeting is oft, more oft than some others

If we were both dudes, I’m sure we’d be brothers (like in the way black people use it)

Tweet little bird, tweet tweet tweet tweet

Um, something that rhymes and is really sweet.

END!!! *applause*

It’s the best poem written about me ever!

See more of her poems here.

Also, call her “Broekies”.


One response to “Shells Almost Poetry – almost slam poetry

  1. What an awesome poem!!

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