Rock for Rhinos

So I haven’t managed to post anything this week and that’s partly because I super suck at time management and partly because I’ve been working quite hard on helping get the word out for this very cool charity gig coming up soon.

I’m kinda techno-retarded so I don’t

know how to upload the pdf here so this is the press release I wrote for the event:

“Rock for Rhinos

Rights for Rhinos (for more info on the cause click here), in collaboration with Chanel Hurlin and Zula Sound Bar, bring you a fantastic event not to be missed.

Rock for Rhinos!

Who doesn’t like to party? And what better reason to get your party on than to support a truly South African cause?

For one night only Zula Bar will host a plethora of some of Cape Town’s best music acts in support of one of South Africa’s most easily recognisable animals, the rhino.

These include:

The Plastics

Jeremy Loops

Holiday Murray

Juke Royal



Bluss n Bass

Mix ‘n Blend

And more!

and members and DJs happily got together with the Rock for Rhinos organisers to put together this sneaky and sexy little promo video.

I’m most looking forward to seeing y

oung people come together to support a worthy cause. Hopefully this could become an annual fundraiser” says Sasha Righini, drummer of The Plastics.

The horned mammal is an important part of our history and landscape but sadly, due to poaching and a general lack of knowledge, this boisterous creature is at risk of becoming extinct.

Do your bit to help them out now.

I will be honest and say I don’t know

 a lot about it. The only statistic I do know is that the Rhino is worth more dead than it is alive! This is rather frightening. Let’s hope this event w

ill create more awareness so people like me can learn more about them” says Bluss n Bass’ Candice Heyns.

And all we ask of you is to party.

Yes, all you have to do is come support the rhinos by enjoying an evening of great acts, African safari shenanigans and fellow-mindedness at Zula Sound Bar on 5 November.

It’ll be more than worth it with such an incredible mix of hot, local bands on the bill. “I think the line-up that’s been put together is really great.  There’s something for everyone with the live band and the electro floors.  It’ll be awesome to see lots of people coming through and supporting a worthwhile cause” says Karl Rohloff, The Plastics’ bassist.


Presold: R60

At the door: R70.”

Um. You should come! Check out the Facebook event here.

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