Save your back

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I have a few friends (myself included) who suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain. We all know it’s cause we have bad posture, especially when we hunch over our PCs.

Health24 has a few simple tips to help us all improve our posture – it’s mostly mental though; you’ve got to make the decision to change your sitting/hunching habits.

Don’t slouch:
Just don’t do it. While you are sitting try keep your back in balanced alignment.

Move around:
Don’t sit in the same position for too long. After an hour or so, get up and move around for a little bit (great excuse for a happy dance, right?).

Nap time:
Choose a firm mattress for your sleep adventures. Also, stick to one pillow. I don’t know why, just do it.

Go flat:
Try not to wear high-heeled or platform shoes too often.

Keep fit:
Exercise keeps your muscles healthy and strong meaning they can support you better. You’ll also look great, hooray!

Chin up:
When you walk point your feet forward and hold your chin up.

They’re all super small things to remember but if you make it your mission to remember them all your posture will improve and your back pain will decrease.

Thanks, Health24.

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