Dream diary – just not being able

Image found here.

Last night I dreamt that…

I was with or I was supposed to be watching over you but you disappeared. I looked for you in so many places and when I finally came to the deep, dark pool my heart. You were in there and I knew it. I’m so afraid of dark water but plunge into the coldness and found your limp body. I can’t remember if you revived. You probably didn’t. All of a sudden I was inside a building, exploring. There were scholars in dorms and classes and misbehaving. I was close to you but you made the wrong decision. I was distraught. I stumbled into a ceremony where things were exciting and fun and shortlived. I came to the giant pile of toys, cots interspersed throughout the corridor with a harsh woman as guardian. I was not supposed to be there but you helped hid me.


Even though they don’t seem scary when you say them out loud, nightmares are paralysing.

Tell me sweet things

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