Dream diary – walking unfamiliar streets

Image found here.

Last night I dreamt that…

We had been somewhere and found ourselves in a room, a restaurant I think, and we were with others. One was familiar and one had no face to me. We sat, and spoke, and you misunderstood me. You left and I followed, I wanted to explain myself but you ran out into the street which was dark and busy and I didn’t know the area. A bizarre bus passed by, the people were the Zebra kind and I became confused. I went back inside and you returned but had nothing to say to me. I had made a mistake and you wouldn’t forgive me. It made me feel sick. I decided to leave and separated myself from the roof. I entered an abandoned house and hid but they came to find me. All I wanted was to be left alone. Or to tell you that I was sorry. It got too much.


I hate upsetting people I care about, even in dreams.

Tell me sweet things

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