Best Risotto of all time

So the Wallerooney and I were housesitting La Righini mansion last weekend and didn’t do much shopping so we had to rely on what the cupboards already held to feed our hungry stomachs.

On night one we made a simple yet delicious pasta dish. On night two I’m not even sure we ate anything until we had a 3am Mc D’s run after a rather fun night out (to the drunken stranger who spilled Jagermeister on me – expletive).

On night three we went back to the cupboards and chose some ingredients at random hoping that’s they’d come together in something of an edible meal. What transpired was amazingness.

Mushroom, leek and celery risotto:

It’s pretty simple: take a few fresh leeks and chop them up pretty small. Cook them in a pan with some olive oil and a dash of butter. Take one or two chopped celeries and add it to the mix. Cook until it’s translucent.

While the greens are getting all flavoursome mix up the required amount of vegetable stock.

Put a smaller pan on heat wth some butter and add thinly sliced mushrooms. Allow these to cook until soft.

Once the leeks are looking good pour in the risotto. Add the vegetable stock as described on the risotto pack, usually in small doses. Only add more liquid once the risotto has soaked it all up.

Once your risotto is cooked add the mushrooms and some grated parmesan. Place a lid over the pan and leave the risotto to get all gooey-goodnessy.


Seriously it is one lip-smacking meal! And I don’t even like mushrooms!

Images by Lauren Waller.

2 responses to “Best Risotto of all time

  1. droooooooooooool 🙂 this was so YUMMY!!

  2. Yum! Risotto is one of my favourites 🙂

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