Postcard from a penpal

Yay, my second postcard from CaraKustom has arrived!

Where is Cara in the picturrrre?

I love getting mail and having a penpal is the best way to ensure that I do.

She has such pretty handwriting.

I bought some postcards in Simonstown the other day showing familiar landscapes in Cape Town from years and years ago. In true me-style I have misplaced it (sigh) but will rummage through my “important papers” and “necessary documents” later and make sure I write out my reply.

Oh it's the Queen.

I also forgot that I made plans with Lisa Huang to exchange postcards while she went back home for a short holiday recently.

Look what I found in my postbox:

Taipei is beautiful at night.

What a cool stamp.

Thanks Lisa!

I better get my pen and paper out. xx

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