Last night I dreamt that…

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I usually don’t remember my dreams when I wake up and if I do they’re mostly nightmares leaving me zoned out and even more exhausted than when I went to sleep.

Lately though I’ve been recalling snippets of what’s gone on inside my head while I’ve slept so have decided to start an ongoing dream diary. I’m going to write down anything and everything I remember. They probably won’t be too cohesive or easy to understand because I plan to write down the exact words that come to mind as I wake up.

So, last night I dreamt that…

We were in a house and we got stoned. You showed me parts of the rooms that had grown but I worried that he would not be happy with me so I constantly looked over my shoulder. I couldn’t understand why we had been separated. I liked being with you though. It was dark but we could see, and while the things around me were unfamiliar they did not scare me. There were others in the house and we knew them all but each keep our distance.


Strange but true.

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