Can you spot me?

So I’ve been in two local music videos so far (just as a chilled extra in the background) and tomorrow’s gig at Zula Sound Bar will bump that number up to 3.

I had to dress up all 60s and dance around at the old Deco Dance for Die Ky’s “Lizzy maak my bang” video a few years back (can’t seem to find a link to the video though).

I was also made to brave the freezing winds at Noordhoek beach in a seriously see-through dress for The Plastics “Tiny Islands” video. Fun times (no, really).

For the most recent video we got to hang out with our friends, chill, drink some cold ones and eat free pizza (thank you Butlers).

The Plastics and Taxi Violence will be rocking out at Zula tomorrow night after each launching their new music video (that’s right folks, a double video launch). Think you’ll be able to spot me in one of the videos?

2 responses to “Can you spot me?

  1. Haai, hiers die link tot die “Lizzy maak my bang” video. Dankie dat jy deel daarvan was ->

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