Your Website Sox

Sock Burgundy.

So I make these little, mostly personalised, felt toys called Poofums and a couple of weeks ago Simon of the crazy team over at Hello Computer asked me if I could make sock puppets.

“How hard could it be?” I asked myself and told Si that of course I could! So I went all the way through to HC Headquarters where I met with four of the zaniest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying to keep up with.

Now, (and this is for you Ivan) Hello Computer is a digital design company, with ludicrously talented employee-ants, that has won a whole big pile of Loeries and has a weekly slot on FWAtv (for those of us who aren’t familiar with both of these things it means that Hello Computer is cool. Very, very cool.) so when they asked me to come up with a couple of characters for their new show “Your Website Sox” I was a little intimidated.

Sock puppet accessories.

I made the sock puppets and their itty bitty accessories and I have one thing to say: people. PEOPLE. Making sock puppets is serious business.

The idea behind “Your Website Sox” is for the team (Sock Burgundy, Matilda Longstocking and Weather sock) to showcase to the world ‘The Worst the Web has to Offer’. Check out the pilot episode here.

If you know of crummy, crappy sites that warrant a slot on Your Website Sox then mail then team at Hello Computer now!

Thanks to Grant Cambell (Gossip_Grant) for the cool pics!

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