Wintry picnic

The best time.

Image found here.

The lovely leRibbet is going away for a few days so carrot_therobot and I are meeting up with her for a tea-party picnic.

Apparently the weather isn’t playing ball (one of our favourite haunts isNewlandsForest) but there’s nothing stopping us from having an indoor picnic!

These are the kinds of things we love when we indulge in picnicy treats:

Fresh French loaf:

Crispy on the outside, warm and fresh on the inside, hmm.

Image found here.

 Cherry toms:

Ripe and ready to be eaten.

Image found here.

 Ooey gooey Camembert cheese:

Ooh, gooey goodness.

Image found here.


I've only recently rediscovered my love for pesto.

Image found here.


Chickpea heaven.

Image found here.

What are your favourite picnic treats?

Tell me sweet things

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