Like Knives, Dustland Express & The Plastics at Aandklas

As we drive.

We had a busy weekend and Saturday night was no different. The Plastics were playing at Aandklas in Stellenbosch so we piled the kits and ourselves into the car and set off early Saturday evening.

The drive to Stellenbosch is always a mixture of things for me. On the one hand I love the rolling landscape and beautiful scenery rushing by. On the other the traffic is a nightmare and, along some stretches of the road, we are always reminded that there are people inCape Town(and the rest ofSouth Africa) living in undesirable conditions. It’s quite an overwhelming issue we have here in SA and I’m never sure how to feel about it/help the situation.

We eventually arrived, after getting somewhat lost along the way and our grumbling stomachs demanded that we order some food. People. We waited about an hour and a half to get our pizza. An hour and a half!? What? They were having some “technical” difficulties in the kitchen. I will admit that our waitress was uber cool and helpful and that once the pizzas did arrive they made the wait totally worth it but geez.

After our ravenous dinner the bands started. First up was Like Knives. Love them. They were a bit untight at times but the combination of hard core jams with Amir’s piercing vocals is a win.

I wasn’t too impressed initially with Dustland Express but the more I listened the more their tunes grew on me. I’d definitely dig to check them out again.

The Plastics.

The Plastics gave an energetic performance. With this band, once in a while, you get lucky and catch one of their all-out, crazy shows. This was one of them. By the end of their set they were exhausted and so was the audience. They were also a little untight but the crowd didn’t care. One sucky thing about their show was that Aandklas shut them off before their full set. Disappointing.

Check out some photos of the gig here and here.

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