Cake Town 2

The lovely leRibbet brings us our tea.

Eek! I’m so behind on this but last week (or was it the week before?) the girls and I met up at The Rhubarb Room once more for #CakeTown 2. The magic chef, Ms. Lisa (HugsnQuiches), totally outdid herself. The first #CakeTown was a tastebud twister so this was a tongue explosion.

A bowl of the softest, sweetest-tasting clouds

As always we partook of some of Rhubarb Room’s fine teas. They have quite a lovely selection. I chose Earl Grey as my poison with no sugar; I knew that the treats would be full of deliciously sweets sugar. I just love the glass teapots that the liquid gold comes in; makes a girl feel like a real lady.

My tea and my odd earring (I lost the other one).

All gone.

We were treated to a medley of simply tantalising cakes and cookies. Lisa even presented us with some vegetarian (vegan even) marshmellows made with absolutely no gelatine. Eating them really was like plopping small puffy clouds onto our tongues. They literally melted away into a soft and sweet mellowy dream.

Even the bridegroom Poofum I made wanted some.

My favourite were the…um, scratch that, they all were!

Red velvet cupcakes with a delicious topping.

Chocolate brownies, yum!

A tower of yumness.


Red velvet PERFECTION.

You can see more of the amazing edible creations Ms Lisa makes on here website HugsandQuiches. She’s an absolute genius at custom orders…she even made the lovely carrot_therobot specialised “carrot the robot” cakes for the last cake town.

Best dogg...I mean ladybag I ever saw.

4 responses to “Cake Town 2

  1. i feel i’m starring in your blog recently…

  2. Also, we are having Cake Town 3 soon! Mucho excited!

  3. Wow what cakes! 🙂 Cool blog post 🙂

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