Popskarr and Gazelle at new Zula Sound Bar

Gazelle's frontman Xander.

Image from here.

After the magical fairy tale night at Grand Daddy Hotel the lovely drummer boy was set to play drums with Popskarr at Zula the next night.

I was excited to hear that Gazelle was on the bill too because I’m sure most of you know they do know how to put on a fantastic show.

As always a lot of effort had gone into decorating the place ala-Gazelle style and there were ceramic/cement Gazelles watching (creepily, I might add) everyone from all corners of the room. The palm leaves and lights added to the Africany vibe.

I’ve never seen Popskarr play without a live drummer (I always go to the gigs when they play with the lovely drummer boy) but I think the live percussion gives the music a great flavour. This may sound cheesy/cliche but the band’s sound reminds me a little bit of Bloc Party meets South Africa. Lead singer Yannick has a tendency to get a little nervous onstage but as soon as he kicks into the go-gear he delivers a heartfelt performance every time.

Gazelle draws a diverse crowd and this time was no different. This collection of groovy musos makes it comfortable for white people to shake their booties to Africanesque beats. Love it, love it, love it. Xander Ferreia has this smooth liquid voice that permeates the melodies and melts the souls of everyone listening. The only thing cramping their style? The shocking sound set up. This is not the first time Zula has had patrons complaining amongst themselves either. Last weekend The Dirty Skirts played a phenomenally energetic set for their “Lost in the Fall” album launch but even that didn’t save them from the eery soundwaves connecting with people’s ears.

Zula. A word of advice. Fix your sound situation. Because other than that you’re great!

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