The silly things I do

Molten baby

Today I decided to paint my nails. I chose “Molten Metal” by Revlon (one of the bottles that Paisley left behind when she left).

I never used to be a fan of the Revlon brand because they tested their products on animals but Never Too Much Glitter says that they’ve changed their evil ways (nice one, Revlon).

Painting my nails made me remember how impatient I am and how hugely annoying it is to smudge wet nails. Also, I’m not ambidextrous *growls*.

I started thinking back on when I was a kid and would paint the ends of my fingers a medley of ferociously bright colours. Nails are somewhat of a fashion statement for some girls, but I don’t really get the zany-arty nails vibe.

I don’t like this:

How do you even do stuff!?

Images found here and here.

I do think this is kinda fun:

Fun? Kinda?

Images found here, here, and here.

But really, nowadays, I’m a fan of short, neat and one-tone:

Keep it simple ladies

Images found here and here.

This. This is the BEST:

Mustache nails

Image found here.

Also, I think that every girl that does her own nails should have one of these.

How clever right?

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