Christmas in July at the Grand Daddy Hotel

I’ve managed to get my little self invited to The Grand Daddy Hotel’s exclusively seductive and sauntry Winter Fairytales event tonight.

It’s a Christmas in July kinda thing peeps and only invitees are allowed (Can you spot me gloating?)

Thing is it’s a fancy dress; we’re to come dressed as something inspired by our favourite fairytale characters. Um, hello? Do they even KNOW me? I have a gazillion favourite fairytale characters, how am I supposed to choose one!?


I love the story of the Pied Piper but not sure I want to go as a sort of cross-dresser who wants to take everyone’s children…

Come here liddle kiddies...uh, no thanks.

Image found here.


I obviously love the Little Mermaid (why do you think my hair grows down to my hips pretty much!?) but dragging a big-ass tail around the whole night is not gonna be pretty, I’m clumsy. Very. Also I’m not a redhead.

Maybe I should go as Ursula, muhaha.

Image found here.

One of my all-time favourite books was the original The Princess and the Frog (or The Frog Prince) but I’m not so sure any amphibian would be happy with me if I carried it around all night at an event. Hmm.

The golden ball is a bit of a plus but...

Image found here.

Suggestions lovely readers?

What fairytale character should I go as!?

Very excited to check out The Plastics’ acoustic set. We’re also gonna chill to the tunes of Honey Bee and Toby Two Shoes. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

3 responses to “Christmas in July at the Grand Daddy Hotel

  1. w w w what!? I didnt know it was a dressup! #handface Is everyone dressing up?? meh.

  2. ps, you should be repunzil! with the long hair 🙂 I know its not in your list of faves but it totally works. What can I be!?!?!

  3. a gremlin…

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