My new penpal

That's me!

I now have a penpal!

Yes, I know you’re all jealous. I would be too.

The lovely Cara Kustom and I decided that we loved each other so much (as much as two people who have only really met in the halls of Twitter and Facebook can) that we simply had to write to one another.

My first postcard from the far away Cara arrived recently:

Now I want to visit this here castle.

And I’m about to send one right back:

"Blank blank, blaaaank blankety blank".

You’re wondering what I’m gonna say, aren’t you? It’s a secret! A penpal secret! Muhaha. Sorry.

I love writing letters and postcards. The idea of something arriving in my postbox for me that’s not a bank statement or a bill has also always got me excited. Having a true, real-life pen pal (not that I ever had a make believe one, ahem) is the best.

I recommend them. Cara is mine, back off.

This Cara’s Tumblr.

So far I know this about her:

She has tattoos.

She has a boyfriend who has tattoos.

She thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy (agrees).

Sometimes she eats Paddington Bear marmalade (I mean, who doesn’t? Me. I don’t. Because we don’t get such things in Cape Town).

The end.

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