The weekend that was

This Monday was a complete write off for me. I had grandiose plans of scratching off numerous items on my “To Do” list but, um, I didn’t. Sigh.

This weekend I…

+ Saw Harry Potter 7.

+ Wore high heeled boots out and DIDN’T fall (those who know me know that this is quite an achievement).

+ Danced.

+ Took it easy on the kraken-vibes@waller_texas, @leRibbet & @carrot_therobot can vouch for this.

+ Got sick.

+ Spent a lot of time doing nothing, absolutely nothing.

+ Bumped into @ClakeBent making love to Assembly’s aircon system (Enjoy Italy you lucky beech).

+ Confessed.

+ Tried one of Banana Jam’s Pomegranate Mojitos.

+ Went on a beeg shop with Moyle on the Boil.


What did you get up to this weekend lovelies?

Also. I’m very excited to see the latest installment of Batman (one of my favourite super heros – Spiderman & Superman are wussies), are you!?

Tell me sweet things

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