Cake town

Carrot the Robot cupcakes

So #caketown2 is happening on Friday and I just realised that I haven’t even uploaded the pics from #caketown1. Bad me.

A few weeks ago the lovely Lisa aka @HugsNquiches invited the wonderful Meh (@carrot_therobot), the lovely (@leRibbet) and I to the gorgeous coffee-cake-gift shop she works at in Bree Street. It’s called The Rhubarb Room and we three lucky gals were in for a stupendous treat.

Lisa made us cakes specially; all we had to do was order some tea from their interesting collection of jars on the counter. The Dory Fish in me can’t remember which particular blend we each chose but I remember them being delicious. And the cakes!

Yummy heart cheeks

A tower of cakes is quite lovely.

Wow. Honestly I feel super lucky to be friends with someone who can bake as well as Lisa – and no, I’m not sharing her with you.

The café cum shoppe is beautifully decorated/stocked. The owners have paid attention to every pretty detail which influences the overall feel of the space. It is a very girly place but boys are welcomes too.

Dreamy artwork on the walls

Rainy space

So next this Friday coming is #caketown2 and the fantastic Wal (@waller_texas) will be joining the tea party. Can’t wait to see what Lisa cooks up this time! Yummy.

Chocolate bite

Clearing the plate

It's like having a toasted marshmellow on top of a cupcake. Perfection

Tea time

I'm now probably a ton heavier

Loved the fine china

Full to the max

Now it's time to read a book

Afterwards we’ll be enjoying #beertown at The Kimberly Hotel for Faith Why You Always Running? (@faithwyar)’s Billboard Lights Album launch. You should come check it out!

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  1. This looks so awesome! Im so excited 🙂 *noms*

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