>The weekend that was


Just in case you hadn’t noticed it’s freezing in Cape Town right now!

Another Monday, another weekend to blog about; this weekend I…

+ Had to wake up at 4:30 am to be on set for a short film.
+ I froze.
+ Spent about 11 hours in Tokai forest.
+ Stayed awake for a full 24 hours.
+ Partied on nothing but lack of sleep (that’s right I had not one drink on Friday night).
+ Found out some heartbreaking news.
+ Had to be strong when I felt like I was crumbling.
+ Enjoyed a DVD date night with the lovely drummer boy.
+ Spent a lot of time alone.
+ Got depressed.
+ Felt better.
+ Lost a hamster (Noodle please come back).
+ Spent some much needed family time on Sunday which made my heart feel lighter.
+ Re-realised the healing power of animals.

Phew. Been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. How was your weekend?

Also, don’t you agree that this magical hideaway is just so beautiful? I’d love a space like to get away to and just laze and read and listen to music and dance. Wow. 

Tell me sweet things

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