>Ashtray Electric CD Launch


On Saturday night the drummer boy and I headed to Assembly to check out Ashtray Electric’s Measured in Falls album launch.

By the time we got there is was slowly filling up as Haasbroek spun some tunes in between the thickening crowd. The mood was expectant but also heavy as the desire to let loose took longer than normal to take hold (possibly because of the sobriety of things).

I was in the smoking section of the club when the band began to play and I was slightly bemused at the unceremonialness of it all. There was no announcement, just the first few chords plucking into the now slightly rambunctious crowd. It took a few seconds to even realise that something was happening.

The band played to a full dance floor. Their new songs are a lot grittier and harsher than any previous songs I can remember and people loved it. Of course they played a few “golden oldies” and it was not long before they announced their last song.

Afterwards G-Zis took to the stage. They definitely enjoyed their own set as they jumped around stage but more importantly so did the thrashing bodies on the floor. I skipped out on this part of the evening to go chill with DJ Sideshow who said she had been scheduled to play in the VIP section. What? What a waste of what is always a great set to move your body to. I also think it’s kinda strange that at an album launch there would be a separate entertainment section set up.

Overall, though, we had a good night. Where you there? What did you think?

Image from here.

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