>5 Gum Experience: Krushed and Sorted & Etienne de Crecy


Last weekend the lovely drummer boy won tickets to the 5 Gum Experience party happening at the Waterfront. I had no clue who Etienne de Crecy was but was intrigued about the idea of him performing from the centre of a lit up cube.
The whole event totally blew me away. It was well-organised with an open tab at the bar for everyone, free strips of the five flavours of wrigleys gum, light installations decorating a corner of the area and an air of expectance.
First up was Krushed and Sorted with Mr Sakitumi joining their team for the evening. Their set drew the crowd in with a clever mashup of old footage and audio mixed together with some crazy beats. Everybody loved it. I’m a firm fan of Mr Sakitumi; I love his onstage energy and he didn’t disappoint.

Then, after a short waiting period, the cube was revealed with de Crecy at the very heart of it. The combination of pulsing beats with fantastical lighting created an incredible show. I got some photos of the cube in all it’s techno-glory; they’re not the best quality but you get the idea.

A fluid light display that reacts to movement of shadow. Epic winning.

You aint nothin’ but a hound dog.

“Let’s make rock ‘n roll!”

The cube.

Very Tron-esque.


Double vision.
Green means go!

What an amazing experience! 

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