>The weekend that was


It’s a very stormy, cold Monday n Cape Town today. Hope you’re all keeping warm with gloves, scarves and heaters!

This weekend I…

+ Went all the way out to Le Bonheur Wine Estate for a movie, wine and tasters.
+ Bought some cute jerseys from the Hospice shop.
+ Sewed.
+ Met some talented & wonderful people.
+ Made a faux pas.
+ Survived said faux pas relatively unscathed.
+ Saw Etienne de Crecy in a show I’m not going to forget quickly.
+ Wore heels out (my feet hurt).
+ Had lunch at the Octopus Garden in St James.
+ Missed the train so had to walk home in the freezing wind.
+ Slept 12 hours straight.

What did you get up to?

Also, don’t you just love the fact that this room has been built around this tree? Love the idea, the feel, the look. I think I want to build my dream home around a giant tree.

Image from here

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