>Popskarr and Dirty Skirts at Zula Sound Bar


Lastnight I headed off to Zula in Longstreet to watch the lovely drummer boy play with Popskarr.

It’s the second time I’ve seen the now three-piece band and I really dig their vibe. Front man Yannick has a great look and good on stage presence, after he’s gotten over his stage fright jitters. I love the electro-dance vibe they put out and already have a few firm favourites from their artillery of tracks.

I haven’t seen The Dirty Skirts in a while so was excited to check them. Zula was totally packed by the time they got on stage so there was little room to breath let alone see the band and dance. I’m a big fan of the heavier, darker tone the Skirts have adopted with heavy-metal basslines and epic synth sounds. I thought the sound wasn’t great (I struggled to hear lead singer,Jeremy De Tolly, clearly at times) but that may have been because I listened from outside on the balconey or it may be because Zula is too small a venue for a band with such a big sound.

All in all a good gig. Now I’m gonna have a chilled out Saturday before we head out to Aandklas in Stellies to watch The Plastics (yes I’m a big drummer boy groupie).

Happy Saturday all.

Image from here

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