>My TEARS experience


My kitten sidekick for the morning.

Last week I decided to put my money where my mouth is and (finally) go volunteer at The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS).

I have been a few times before but only to do little jobs. This time I was prepared to get my hands dirty.

I started out in the kitten section, cleaning out the litter-trays, sweeping and cleanig the floors, putting fresh water into their bowls. It was madness. I’ve never felt so happy to clean. As I worked the bouncy kittens raced after one another, running between mylegs and trying to pounce on the broom as I swept. It was so cool to see them so happy.

One kitten, slightly older than the others, took a liking to me and very regally followed me around, watching what I was getting up to. He melted my heart right then and there and had I been able to I would have taken him home.

After the kitties were taken care of I headed to the dog pound. It’s quite overwhelming to see so many excitable faces begging and crying to be touched, acknowledged, fed and loved. Each time I’ve been to the animal rescue shelter before I’ve ended up in tears from the sheer shock of so many abandoned and unwanted animals.

I spent the next hour or so walking three dogs. First up was ladylike Sunny, then excited Rosalie and last gentle-natured Sabre. I can’t describe the feeling of happiness I felt as I gave these dogs the bare minimum; a 15-minute walk a few pats and some kibbles. The happiness on their faces was appreciation enough.

I definitely plan on going back to help out as much as I can and would recommend any animal-lover do the same. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that you’ve given an abandone and unwanted animal a bit of love and much-needed attention.

Thank you to the wonderful men and women at TEARS who are so passionatetly dedicated to giving these animals shelter, food and love. Your actions are appreciated beyond words.

 If you’re thinking about getting a pet of any kind please, please consider getting it from a rescue shelter. The street-specials and scruffy cats have the best personality and will be completely loyal to their owners.

Some kittens looking for a loving home

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