>the (long) weekend that was


I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. It was Human Rights day on Monday and my friends and I took advantage of the public holiday and went away for the weekend to Plettenberg Bay.

This weekend I…

+ Spent about 20 hours in a car.
+ Ate an amazing Apple Crumble.
+ Walked in the Garden of Eden forest in Knysna.
+ Played a new drinking game.
+ Realised some interesting things about some people I thought I already knew.
+ Created a new veggie dish (we call it the Stairmaster Paella – don’t ask).
+ Was shocked at how popular Rebbeca Black’s weekday song became.
+ Hiked for almost four hours around Robberg Point.
+ Got silly and it was wonderful.
+ Went late-night swimming in the neighbour’s pool.
+ Slept very little.
+ Read my book (Taking Lives by Michael Pye).
+ Watched a crap suspense movie – Pathology (don’t get it out).
+ Enjoyed the company of friends in a diferent town.
+ Danced, laughed, drank some wine, chatted, giggled, swam, walked, lived out of a rucksack, had lots of tea, relaxed, lost my bank card, found my bank card.

How was your long weekend?

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