>River Dance


last night i got to see the river dance show at the Grand Arena, Grand West Casino and wow was it awesome!

My grandparents and dad are Irish and when i was little i used to sit in front of the television and watch their old VHS of Michael Flatley and the rest of the performers tap their hearts out. i always marvelled at how pretty all the dancers were and how daintily they moved (i was and probably always will be a bit of a klutz). i would daydream about being onstage and flipping my hair up like they did.

it was so incredible to see the dancers live and even though i was quite high up i was still mesmerised by the unison and power of the performance.one thing that was a bit of a disappointment was that there was no running theme or story-line, the skits seemed a bit disjointed.

but we got to see Irish dancing, an excellent violinist, singing, a bagpipe player and even some good old traditional jazz tap.

i would recommend anyone go see the show! it was phenomenal!

image from here.

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