>baaad energy


ok, so i’m convince that there’s some baaad energy following me around at the moment because in the space of one month i’ve had kidney stones, had problems with my work, had fights with two friends one of which cut me out for good and have been fighting more with the marja.

i thought maybe if i just acknowledged the baaad energy here that maybe it would feel satisfied and then leave me alone…so here goes.

me: baaad energy, i know you have your reasons for hanging about but i’m kinda tired of finding myself in less than satisfying situations.please go away. it’s not that i don’t think you’re cool to hang out with (note to readers: don’t ever piss off baad energy by making it feel like it’s not wanted) i just think maybe we should be a part for a bit. my smile muscles haven’t really been worked in a while. i accept that not everyone can have the best time in the world always and that for someone to be super happy balance says another person has to go through some shitty times but i’m ready; i’m totally ready for some good times and a bit of a smile and maybe even a laugh or two. here’s hoping you’ll find another best friend for February,

me xxx

baaad energy: ok, see ya around.

phew. that was easier than i expected.

here’s toa great weekend. i’m going to Beaverlac this weekend and cannot wait! what are your plans?

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