>The Weekend That Was


It was my birthday last week! I really was spoilt and am so lucky to have the amazing people that I’ve got in my life. My weekend kinda started on Wednesday, this weekend I…
+ Attended the music video launch of The Plastics’ Caves on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel.
+ Took Thursday off.
+ Got so many cool presents.
+ Went shopping with the lovely drummer’s mom.
+ Had a delicious birthday dinner with my wonderful friend Nat.
+ Went to the lovely drummer boy’s gig at Zula.
+ Bashed a girl’s car (not too badly) and was shocked at how she treated me.
+ Swam and tanned, read my book, swam and tanned, read my book by the pool (on repeat).
+ Went for dinner at Tony’s in town and didn’t really like the coconut bits in my Vegetable Mozambican Curry.
+ Saved a Chameleon from lovely drummer’s Killer Cat.
+ Played Sonic the hedgehog on xbox.
+ Went to a R5 store with wonderful Wal and bought some cool things.
+ Got my legs waxed.

+ Went to see my gran and has yummy snacks.

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me sweet things

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