>The Weekend That Was


I had such an incredible and busy weekend, this weekend I…

+ Finally got the lovely drummer boy back from City Varsity (his course is officially finished)
+ Saw 30 Seconds to Mars live on Sunday courtesy of the wonderful Meh (thankyouthankyouthankyou)
+ Watched the Proteas ace it on the cricket field.
+ Went to the Cat and Dog show at the Good Hope Centre (yay!).
+ Lazed around with the lovely drummer.
+ Ate no meat on Sunday at all.
+ Went to see The Social Network.
+ Played Rummy and Go Fish on Friday night while enjoying some chilled white wine.
+ Was a panda for a little bit.
+ Saw a pizza box cat (Leo) at Ground Zero.
+ Went with the lovely drummer boy to buy his new Synth.
+ Had yummy melted cheese and avo pitas with the wonderful Meh.

What did you do this weekend?

Ps summer is on her deliciously watermelon-scented, sun ray-warmth way. I can feel it. x

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